About Talentedge Academy


About Founder


After completing his education in the United States, CK Chow returned to his hometown of Johor Bahru, initiating a distinguished career. Beginning as a lecturer, he steadily progressed to the role of Chief Executive Officer in various tertiary educational institutions. Accumulating over 25 years of experience, CK Chow is a certified trainer specializing in corporate training for diverse business organizations.


Skill Based Program

Driven by a passion to empower the underprivileged, CK Chow devised a systematic skill-based program targeting troubled teenagers excluded from formal education systems due to academic challenges or financial constraints. This successful program employs a methodical practical approach to train young talents.

Vision for Talentedge Academy

Graduates from the program seamlessly transition into the workforce through connections with relevant companies, providing them with valuable employment opportunities. Recognizing the pivotal role of the Food & Beverage Industry, CK Chow established Talentedge Academy in 2015. Responding to the escalating demand for qualified chefs, the academy serves as a platform dedicated to nurturing culinary skills in aspiring talents.

Our Courses

Talentedge Academy provides students with practical learning, bringing a real F&B work culture and also giving correct values, so that students can adapt into this industry and take on their own responsibility to the society in the shortest time.

Our Facility